Music and helping a friend

My friend Jessica is in for the week.  She’s busy finalizing things for her wedding that is SIX WEEKS and had no clue what music she wants.  I decided that, before she leaves to go back to Missouri on Thursday, we’re going to have her program written out– at least a completed draft.  It helps that I have written out a lot of mine (yes, I’m an overachiever, but I have time to plan right now and won’t have as much time to plan after I go back to work), so I looked at mine and we did some brain-storming.  We scoured the net for some music ideas and I told her kinda what I have in mind for our ceremony.

I found a couple cool songs for her… and maybe to be used for our own wedding.  We’ll see.  Anyway, this list includes some things I found last night and some I found before then:

  • “This Ring,” “Here we Stand,” and “Dance with Me,” by Anthony W. Carter
  • “Feels Like Home to Me,” Chantal Kreviazuk (a song tied to my memories of Phi Mu)
  • “The Way I Am,” Ingrid Michaelson
  • “I Loved Her First,” Heartland

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