Butterflies! …and other ideas

On one of our first dates, Seth and I went to a butterfly show.  I am thinking about trying to tie something special into our wedding ceremony–something simple that represents something.  So, I am thinking maybe we could put butterflies in our wedding ceremony.  I posted the idea of releasing butterflies after the reception (instead of birdseed or bubbles) on theknot boards, and people were angry at me for thinking about using animals as props for my wedding.  Whatever.  Aside from that, though, they noted that other brides who had done this found dead butterflies in their packages, which would ruin the moment.  Dually noted.  Another poster decided to be helpful and suggested I integrate silk of feather butterflies in my ceremony.  She found this:

Butterfly Bouquet

Butterfly Bouquet

And I must have dropped my jaw in my lap.  I love this idea.  And from here, I thought it might be cool to use these butterflies to my own bouquet.  If I decide to make my own bouquet, I could use the DIY information on the site to combine these ideas.  Possibilities include:
♥ adding butterflies to my bouquet
♥ using butterflies instead of flowers for everything including boutonnieres
♥ using butterflies instead of flowers for some of the bouquets, like the bridesmaids/junior bridesmaid/flower girl
♥ having the flower girl drop butterflies instead of rose petals

I think these are pretty good ideas.  I’ll pitch them to the fiance and see what he thinks.

Also, we went to the rose gardens in Columbus, where we had a really cool conversation and he said “I love you” there for the first time (and I waited six weeks to return the sentiment).  We could do things with roses, but that won’t seem very different from any other wedding–using roses won’t make it stand out as unique.

I’m kind of stuck on the butterfly idea.  It might look cool for the guys to have one big butterfly boutonniere each, instead of a stargazer lily.


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